Monday, 18 August 2014

Born Pretty Store Nail Decals review

*This item was provided for review
Hi everyone,
So first of all I'm back! I actually got back from my holiday last week, but I just haven't had a chance to post anything! It was actually A level results day last Thursday for me and I'm going to University! I was lucky enough to get into my first choice for the course I want to do! Over the next few weeks I'll be doing lots of packing and trying to figure out which nail polishes to take with me to University (it's a lot harder to decide than you think!).

Anyway, today I thought I'd share with you a review of some nail decals* from the Born Pretty Store. As soon as these decals arrived I knew I had to use them - they are just so pretty!

These lovely decals are item number 15583 (DLS-193) and you can view them here.
Here is the design I created using the decals:

To apply these decals I followed a tutorial by the lovely Jessie from Nailed it NZ which you can see here. I think the only thing that I found hard was the clean up, but after I'd done a few nails I soon got the hang of it!

My original plan was to have the decals on only the white nails because I thought the backing of the decals was white (silly me!) - it turns out they are see through! When I found this out I knew exactly which colour to pair them with - my favourite purple: Maybelline Color Show Iced Queen!

Here is a close up of the design:

If you want to purchase these decals or any other nail art products from the Born Pretty Store don't forget to quote my code: SIBQ10 to get 10% off your order! There's free shipping too! If 10 of you use this code the Born Pretty Store will allow me to host a giveaway on my blog too!

Overall I really like these decals. They are easy to apply and so detailed too! For £1.17 ($1.99) you can't go wrong either! They are quick to apply- great if you want to do nail art in a rush and look great over different colours too!

What do you think of these decals?
Do you like the design I created?
Let me know what you think


  1. Cute! The design on them looks really nice, and they look great with both the white and the purple background! :)

  2. These decals are so fun and cute! They have so much detail to them too.

  3. OMG Those flowers are awesome!! Great review! ^_^

  4. Love them Jayna! The nail polishes you have paired them with look gorgeous too! My favourite thing about decals is that they create a look that seems as if it must have taken hours! When really they don't at all! xxx

    1. Oh I forgot to say - big congratulations for getting into University that's great news! xx

    2. Oh my gosh I totally forgot to say congratulations for the University as well! Good that I'm reading Emily's comment right now, when I read it I was like "ooh that's awesome Jayna" and then I saw the water decals and everything else just vanished from my mind oops! On a different note: I just tagged you on my blog in a little Summer tag game if you're up for it Jayna - but totally don't feel obligated though! :)

    3. Emily - Thank you Emily! I agree the decals are such a great quick fix when you don't have much time for nail art! Thank you - I still can't believe I got into university either!

      Robin - Haha thank you Robin! I know - the decals are so pretty! Ooh I'll take a look at the tag, I've never heard of that one before! :)


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