Friday, 23 January 2015

Mint London Swatches Part 2

*These products were provided for review
Hi everyone,
My exams are finally over! I now have more time for blogging so I think I'm gonna spend this weekend painting my nails and catching up on all of the posts I've missed! Today I have 2 more polishes from Mint London to show you.

So first of all we have Embargo*, a pretty lilac polish. Personally I think this shade is perfect for spring, I'm thinking of lots of floral nail art already with this colour! 

For these swatches I used 3 coats of Embargo. I know putting 3 coats on is a bit annoying, however you kind of expect it with pastel colours. The good thing was it was quick drying so it actually doesn't take that long between coats!

Next we have Maserati*, a bold red colour. As you can probably tell from the pictured below it's the perfect lipstick red. It dries really shiny too!

For these swatches I used 2 coats of Maserati. This is the perfect red for any occasion and stands out really well.

These nail polishes are both available from the Mint London website for £2.99.

Overall these 2 nail polishes are great. They colours are really bright - especially Maserati and they dry pretty quickly as well. I think my favourite is (surprisingly) Maserati!

Have you tried Mint London nail polishes before?
Which colour is your favourite?
Let me know what you think


  1. Embargo is such a pretty spring polish!

  2. Ooh these two look really good as well! I love Embargo a lot - I'm really looking forward to spring lol :)

  3. Both are nice but I'm really digging that red.

  4. Hurray for exams being over!! OMG Embargo is gorgeous!! ^_^

  5. I love these pictures, your swatches look Always soo great!
    I'd like to try this color myself :)

    Xx Julia ^^


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