Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Rose Nails Tutorial

Hi everyone,
For my first tutorial I am going to show you how to create Rose Nails. (Read the post here).
These nails were really easy to do and I didn't use any specific nail art tools, so these are a great design to try out if you do not own any nail art tools.

 Here are the nail polishes I used: 

Here are the tools I used:

Now, your probably wondering why I put "Big Headed Sewing Pin". The picture below shows the difference between a normal sewing pin and a big headed sewing pin. The trick to this design is using a big pin so that the roses a larger. This makes it a lot easier when you are adding detail to the roses.

Now, on to the tutorial:

Paint your nails with a base coat and then add your chosen base colour.

On a scrap piece of paper add a blob of your chosen flower colour. Then use your big headed sewing pin to create dots on your nail.

On the paper add a blob of your chosen leaf colour. Then, using your hair grip create three small dots on the side of each flower for a leaf.

Continue using your hair pin to create leaves around each dot.

Add another blob of a lighter colour onto your scrap paper. Use your hair pin to create little shapes inside your larger spots.

Wait for your design to dry, and then add a top coat. You can clean up your design after using a brush dipped in acetone or my personal preference, Barry M Nail Polish Corrector.

Here is a round up of all of the steps:

Hopefully this tutorial was useful!
What do you think of my first tutorial?
Please leave any suggestions of how to make my tutorials better in the comments.

Please let me know if you try out this design - I can't wait to see you all try it!


  1. It may not be so difficult:)
    I'm gonna to try soon, thanks:)

    1. Haha, I couldn't believe how simple it was myself!
      Let me know if you do try it - I can't wait to see! :)


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