Monday, 9 March 2015

Mani swap

Hi everyone,
So today we have something new on my blog today! - my first ever Mani swap! Out of all the bloggers I know, I'm so happy to say my first ever mani swap is with Robin from Roaring Nails. Robin has become a great blogging friend over the past couple of months. She creates wonderful designs, provides honest product reviews and always comments on my blog too! (something which I have been slacking on lately - sorry!)

I chose this design by Robin, which was actually based on a pair of socks! I love this about Robin - she get's inspiration from anywhere, which is perfectly shown by the design I chose! I also love that it mixes geometric, monochrome and purple into one design, as I love all 3!

I used No7 Foxglove, Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black
What I really like about this design is it's simplicity. Robin kept the colours simple and just had one detailed accent nail. Personally, I found the accent nail quite hard to do, as you can see it's no where near as neat as Robin's - I think I need a thinner brush! I also improvised with the black triangles as I had no studs, but I still like the overall effect of the triangles.

Robin decided to recreate on of my favourite designs from a while back, my Dreamcatcher nails! Robin's recreation has turned out so well, and suits her nail shape too! The gold on her design stands out so well on the mint back and her actual dreamcatchers are so delicate! - you can read her full post here!

Robin also created a collage of our designs so that we could see how they look all together:

Our recreations are on the right hand side. 
Overall, I'm so happy I've finally got round to doing mani swap and who knows it may become a regular feature on the blog! Don't forget to take a lookat Robin's mani swap post and the rest of her blog too - Roaring nails!

Do you like Mani swaps?
What do you think of our recreations?
Let me know what you think

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  1. YAY I love it so much Jayna!! I'm really glad we got to do this and I love seeing my design on your nails :D

  2. Both of you did great with this manicure swap!

  3. your nails look soooo beautiful and special to me!
    I loveee them :)

  4. Both recreations look absolutely fantastic! :)


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