Thursday, 5 March 2015

Born Pretty Store Chameleon Nail Polish review

*This product was provided for review
Hi everyone,
So for today's post I have a review of a nail polish from the Born Pretty Store. As soon as I saw this nail polish on their website I instantly knew I'd love it! - it combines 2 of my favourite colours - purple and blue!

This nail polish is a 'chameleon' nail polish as it changes colour in different light, shifting from different shades of purple and blue in different light.

This nail polish is item number 18623, and you can view it here.
It's currently priced at £6.76, which is a little pricey, but I'd expect to pay more for a multichrome nail polish - especially one as pretty as this!

To apply this nail polish I started off with a black base and then painted one layer of Born Pretty Chameleon 217* onto my nails. By applying a black base first, it makes application a lot easier and smoother for the multichrome, and helps it stand out a lot more which you can see.

 In terms of packaging I'd say it's quite simplistic, the bottle is a lot smaller than I expected too. The brush however is the perfect size, it's quite wide which I like. The nail polish consistency is really good too.

The colours in this polish are absolutely stunning and contrast well with my skintone. I tried my best to photograph the shift and I found the best way to do so was by having tin foil in the background as it reflects the light.
Here's the shift:

Isn't it pretty?!

If you want to purchase this nail polish or any other nail art products from the Born Pretty Store don't forget to quote my code: SIBQ10 to get 10% off your order! There's free shipping too! If 10 of you use this code the Born Pretty Store will allow me to host a giveaway on my blog too!

Overall I really love this nail polish. The colour change is stunning and I love the formula of the nail polish as well. I think the only downsides are the size of the bottle (I wish there was more polish!) and the name - 217! Perhaps something like Cosmic or Galaxy would of been better! - but that's just a little downside, the positives definitely outweigh this!

What do you think of this nail polish?
Do you find it hard to photograph multichromes?
Let me know what you think


  1. This looks so pretty!! I love blue and purple a lot as well, they're my two favourites for multichrome polishes!!

  2. Fun color that is. Never tried them too.


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