Monday, 2 June 2014

Guest post: Robin from rexxx did it - Let's Go Louboutin!

Hi everyone,
So today I have the last post in my guest post series. I have 3 exams left now and have managed to find some time to create a few designs which  I'll show you over the next few weeks. Today's guest post is from one of my favourite bloggers Robin from Rexxx did it. Robin's designs are always so unique and she's a great blogging friend too!

Anyway over to Robin:

Hi everyone!

I'm Robin, a 22 year old girl from Belgium who is addicted to nail polish (but then again, aren't we all? ). I also run the nail art blog rexxx did it :)

I'm super happy to be able to do a guest post for Jayna today! When she asked me, I was super flattered that she wanted me on her blog. I've been enjoying the guest post series on The Sequined Nail a lot so far, so it's great to be a part of it now! 

I decided to create a fancy design for Jayna :) I recently found OPI's My Vampire Is Buff after a loooooong search, so I was very eager to use that polish in a design. I also got some nail art stencils from my friends for my birthday - the images on the stencils are of fancy shoes with heels. I normally don't use stencils for nail art, but it's a busy time right now (papers! exams! and more fun stuff like that) so they came in handy :)

Besides MVIB, I also used Maybelline's Blackout and OPI's Big Apple Red. You can see what the stencils look like here:

I painted three coats of MVIB, waited until that had completely dried, and then painted the shoes using the stencils. I thought the shoes looked fun, but something was missing. So I added the red sole et voila, Louboutin! Even though I used stencils, the shoes don't all look the same because it was actually quite hard to work with these stencils! Maybe also because I insisted on turning them around with the sticky side facing my face instead of my nails, because I also wanted to have the shoe image in the reverse direction :p

And of course, no Louboutin design is complete without a red sole! I painted the bottom of my nails red. (which was a pain to get off because I forgot to put a base coat on at that side of my nails of course, silly me!)

I really love how these came out! I felt very classy while wearing them, and I adore the combination of MVIB and the black :)

I hope you all like it too! Jayna, thanks a lot for wanting me as a guest poster! I had great fun creating this design for you and I hope you like it! :)

Thank you so much for doing this guest post Robin! I love the design you've created! The stencils have worked really well and I love the Louboutin red sole! Don't forget to check out Robin's blog!
What do you think of this design?
Let me know what you think


  1. What a nice guest post! Those heels are so cute here.

    1. Thank you! I'm quite proud of how they turned out too :)

  2. awww those nails look sooo adorable!
    Love this quest post ;)

    ~Xx~ Julia

  3. i wish my nails were long enough to do this! they look amazing!

    1. All credit goes to OPI's Nail Envy! And well, to me being verrrrry careful with my nails too a bit I suppose :) Thanks you!

  4. Amazing design, such a great idea with a Louboutin mani. Love it!

  5. So cute Robin!! You should see how short n nubby my nails are now (posting them later today). You make me miss having long nails! Lol

    1. Hehe, thanks Jacqui! Don't worry, your new nubby nails look really cute! ;)

  6. These are just AMAZING! I love them! Great work Robin! I tried to do Louboutin shoes myself once but it was just a massive fail! These are super impressive!


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