Sunday, 1 September 2013

The WAH Nails Book of Downtown Girls Review + Nail Art

*This book was purchase by me
Hi everyone,
So today I thought I'd review the new WAH Nails nail art book! As soon as I saw Sharmadean Reid was releasing another Nail Art Book I immediately pre-ordered it! I was so excited!

WAH Nails is a salon based in London which was founded by Sharmadean Reid. Her first nail art book "The WAH Nails Book of Nail Art" was released last year and was a huge success.

The second book is slightly different, with new designs, style advice and interviews with nail technicians! It also gives advice on how to be a successful blogger and teaches you how to make 3D shapes for your nails.

Here are some pictures of the book:

The instructions are really easy to follow and there are pictures alongside to help you with each design. With each design there is also a photo of a WAH Nail Technician wearing the design, which is good because it shows you what the design looks like on someone.

There are 25 stunning designs in the book including Galaxy, Sneakers, Houndstooth and Paisley!

I really like how this book has not only nail art but also has interviews with Nail Technicians and people in the beauty world such as Madeline Poole, Marian Newman, Bleach London and Emily Weiss. The book is more than a nail art book, it also gives an insight into the WAH world, by telling you how it all started out, how the company has grown and what WAH means.

After looking at all of the designs I decided to try out one called Daisies:

I decided to use purple as the background colour as I thought it would complement the yellow well.

I used No7 Foxglove, Models Own Nail Art Pen in White and Models Own Nail Art Pen in Yellow

Here are some close ups:

The book is available in the UK from today (01/09/2013) and retails at £11.99.

This is definitely the book to buy to get you started in nail art, or even if you've been doing nail art for a while now it is a great buy because of the great advice and tips in the book!

What to you think of my design?
Have you bought the book already?
Let me know what you think


  1. What a neat book! Cute manicure too!

  2. The purple and yellow go really well together. I had a quick flick through the first book in the local bookshop. I will have to check this one out too.

    1. Thank you! You should definitely get the books - they go into such great detail and give lots of tips too! :)

  3. Oooh curious about the book now! Lovely flowers!

  4. That is gorgeous!! I really need more nail art pens... :)

  5. Very cute :) I think I need to check out those books!

  6. Great book and the daisy's look perfect :)

  7. I love how your daisies came out!


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