Sunday, 19 May 2013

Summer Toes!

Summers here!
Well kind of. It's around this time that we all think about painting our toes and getting them ready to show off in sandals, so I thought I'd put together a little something with the colours I think should be on our toes this summer.

These are all of the polishes in my collection, which I think are perfect for summer. However, I don't have any green nail polishes but I would recommend perhaps Barry M Spring Green or Max Factor Cactus Green.

This is Avon Real Red.
 It is such a rich red, really bold and perfect for your toes! 

 Barry M Coral, Revlon Craving Coral and Nails Inc Atomic.
 I love all of these colours, they are really bright and will definitely make your toes stand out - especially when you have a tan!

Rimmel Sunshine and Models Own Luis Lemon
Both of these are great yellows, personally I prefer Rimmel Sunshine (but that's because I don't really like neon yellow!) . 

No7 Stand Back and Barry M Gelly Blueberry
Barry M Gelly Blueberry is more of a subtle blue and No7 Stand Back is perfect if you want to clash your outfit and your toes!

Seventeen Parma Violet, No7 Foxglove and Max Factor Diva Violet.
 All 3 of the polishes are great and are perfect if you want to do ombre toes!

Seventeen Miami, Nails Inc OMP! and Max Factor Disco Pink
All of these pinks are so bright  - perfect with a tan.

All of these colours are great for toes - whether you want to do multi-coloured toes or just stick to one colour. When it comes to summer I often stick to one colour, but add some nail art! Last year, my favourite design was Max Factor Diva Violet with gold leopard print! At the moment I have No7 Stand Back on my toes and have added white stripes!

Let me know what you think


  1. Love the Models Own Luis Lemon colour! Really like your blog, just followed! Follow back? :) xx

    1. Luis Lemon is so bright! Thank you, and I've followed you back :)

  2. I got given Revlon Craving Coral as a gift and it's so wonderful! I've worn it with two glitter bomb accent fingers, but I've not tried it as a pedicure yet. I have just fallen back in love with my flipflops though so I might end up breaking it out haha!

    1. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet, but I think I'm gonna trial it on my toes! Sounds like a good idea to mix it with glitter accent nails, I might have to try it :)

  3. All great summer choices -- that pink Nails Inc in particular looks awesome!

    1. Thank you! - Yeah I can't wait to try that pink out! :)


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