Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Hi everyone,
I hope you all had a good Christmas and got lots of nail polish!
Anyway, it's New Years Eve! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone!
The year has been a big year for my blog, I never thought that my blog would come this far or that my nail art would improve as much as this!

Follower - wise, my blog has:

194 Tumblr Followers
89 Members
65 Bloglovin' followers
44 followers on Instagram
28 followers on Google +
9 Facebook likes 

The best thing about all of this is that my nail art has improved. I think the best way to show this is from this design:

It's like playing spot the difference! I think this design says it all. 
Although it's a really simple design, there is a clear noticeable change - what a difference 9 months makes! My lighting is better, my photos are more in focus, I haven't flooded the cuticle and my clean up is a lot better!

Here are few of my favourite designs from 2013:

Next year, I hope my blog and nail art gets even better! 

So with this in mind, I have decided to set myself some goals, which I want to have completed by the end of 2014:

Followers: I would like to reach 100 Members on GFC (or whatever it's called now!),  250 Tumblr followers, 100 Bloglovin' followers, 75 Instagram followers, 40 Google + followers, and 40 likes on Facebook.

Nail Art: I would like to post more often and do more freehand nail art. This is my favourite type of nail art so I'd like to improve on it. I'd also like to do more nail art on metallic bases as I feel that most nail art is on a cream polish base, but I'd like to see more on a metallic base.

Painting my nails: Although I am better at painting my nails now, I'd like to be able to create a smoother line along the cuticle to make my designs look more professional.

Nail Art Challenge: I have never taken part in a nail art challenge, so this year I'd like to do that. Perhaps the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge?

I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who follows me, comments and reads my blog. You have all helped me improve so much. I hope you all have fun celebrating tonight and have a wonderful New Year!

Have you set yourself any blogger goals?
Have you got a favourite design of mine?
Let me know what you think



  1. Some great nail art this year! Happy New Years to you!

    1. Thank you Lisa! Happy New Year to you too! Thank you so much for all of your comments this year - I always love reading them! :)

  2. Wow you've acheived alot this year! Keep up the good work. I haven't taken up a challenge too and thinking about it as well :)

    1. Thank you! Maybe this year will be the year we both decide to participate in one! :)

  3. Haha! I'm just looking back at this - 40 Facebook likes? :D

    If you're interested in challenges, maybe you'd fancy joining the Polish Party girls? It's a bit less pressure than the 31 day challenge!

    1. Haha, I know I wasn't really expecting much from Facebook! I suppose that's the good thing about the nail art blogger community!

      Ooh, what's the Polish Party Girls? I haven't heard of it before! :)

    2. It's a group I'm in who do a monthly themed challenge - so just one post a month, which I can cope with! I've not been doing it that long. If you look on my blog there's a page about it, and my one post so far under my polish party tag.

    3. This sounds like a great idea! Yeah, the 31DC seems really full on! I've checked out the page - it looks like a really good idea! How do I join? :)

    4. Post a comment on my blog about it, and I'll ask the other ladies now - I think they'll be happy to have another one!

    5. Ok I will! Hopefully they'll let me join! :)


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