Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas Swatch: Revlon Gold Coin

*This nail polish was purchase by me
Hi everyone,
As it's December, I've decided to show you a nail polish which I think would be perfect to wear around Christmas! 
My first swatch is Revlon Gold Coin.

I think this nail polish is great for Christmas because it's gold! There are so many things which are gold at Christmas: bells, tinsel, baubles, stars etc.

I think this nail polish is quite unique. I have never seen a gold nail polish like this before and is a great metallic colour. It has a great finish and looks great with any skin tone.

This nail polish is available at Boots for £6.49. For these swatches I used 2 coats, and this polish dries pretty quickly.

As you can see from the photos this nail polish is really shiny!

Here is a closer look at the polish:

This is the first Revlon nail polish I have bought, and I'm really impressed with it. The bottle is larger than most and the brush is quite thin. The only thing was the price, in my opinion it this nail polish is a bit pricey (but maybe that's because I'm only 17 and don't have a job!). However for the amount of nail polish you get in a bottle it is definitely worth it! It's also a great polish to wear by itself or use for nail art!

Do you like this colour?
Let me know what you think.


  1. What a pretty metallic gold! It looks great :)

  2. OOooooh~!!!!! @_@ So pretty!

  3. Hi, I came via the link up at Will Paint Nails for Food. I think you have a lovely blog! Easy to read, and it flows nicely. Your photos are really good as well. I also appreciate that you have your follow/social media buttons right at the top, I hate having to search for those when I go to a new blog. If I absolutely had to nitpick, my only feedback would be that I'm not sure why you have your wording centered on your blog? But that's totally a personal preference, and like I said, that's if I had to pick something. Otherwise, I think you're doing an absolutely awesome job! (Edit: you might want to think about turning the captcha off. It's really irritating, and I don't often leave a comment on a blog that has it. If you're having a problem with spammers, you might try out disqus. :) )

    1. Hi, thank you for your feedback! I know what you mean about social media buttons - it's really annoying to have to search for them!
      I think the only reason I have it centered is because I've always had it like that - it's just something I'm used too! I just tried changing the alignment now - it look so different to me, but I'm not sure if I liked it :/
      I've turned off captcha, I thought I'd already turned it off, sorry! I've changed that now! :)

    2. Well, like I said, it's totally personal preference, and it's your blog so do what feels comfortable! :)

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