Monday, 2 December 2013

Avon Opal Top Coat Swatches

*This product was purchased by me
Hi everyone,
It's December! Which means Christmas is on its way!
I am so excited for Christmas, so to get into the Christmas spirit I decided to show you some swatches of Avon's Opal top coat. I have had the polish for a while now, and as soon as I applied it over metallic nail polish I knew it would be perfect for Christmas.

This polish is an iridescent flake polish, which shines different colours in light. I think It's a very versatile topcoat, which would look great with any colour.

Here is my first swatch:

For my base colour I used Models Own Peacock Green.

I absolutely love this combination!

Here is my second swatch:

I used 17 Chateau.

This topcoat was actually quite hard to photograph, but in person it looks so nice! The little flakes shine different colours in different types of light.

The polish is available to purchase from the Avon website for £6.00.

Overall, I really like this topcoat. It's a quick fix to make your nails more interesting and the colour combinations are endless! Another bonus is that the removal process is easy! I was worried that it would be just as hard to remove as glitter, however I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. At last a glittery polish which I can remove easily!

What do you think of my swatches?
Do you think you'll purchase this polish?
Let me know what you think.


  1. Cool! I have to finally use it:)

  2. wow an awesome color =) i really love this topper

  3. Hi, I am from the WPNFF boot camp. I really like the look of your blog. It's clean and everything is easy to find. And your photos are fabulous! My only suggestion would be to maybe cut down on the number of posts shown at once. Because your post include a lot of pics you need to scroll quite a ways down to get to the end of the first page.

    1. Hello! Thank you!
      I've just had a look at this on my homepage, and I have to say I agree, I'd never really noticed this before! Thank you for spotting this!
      I have now changed the number of posts shown from 7 to 3. I think It's better now, what do you think? :)

    2. *Update, I have just found out how to add a "Read more" button on the posts, what do you think to it now?

  4. this chunky glitter is so pretty!


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