Friday, 26 September 2014

31DC2014 Day 26: Inspired by a pattern

Hi everyone,
So for today's prompt - Inspired by a pattern - I decided to try my best to recreate a pattern on a vest top I bought for my summer holiday this year.
Here is the pattern:

I bought this vest top for £4 from Primark.

I decided to pick a section of the pattern and recreate it on my nails, here's the outcome:

I used Barry M Gelly Coconut and Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black

I love tribal prints so as soon as I saw this top I knew I had to have it! 

Here is a closer look:

Overall I think it's pretty obvious from this design that I need to practice my detailed nail art a little more. Although the design looks okay it hasn't turned out as well as I hope but I still like the design ( and the top!)

Do you think I need more practice? 
Do you like this pattern?
Let me know what you think


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