Thursday, 25 April 2013

Liebster Award!

Hi everyone, 
I've bee nominated for the Liebster Award, so here goes...

1. Link back to the person who nominated you
2. Write 11 facts about yourself once nominated
3. Answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you
4. Nominate 11 blogs with 200 or less folowers
5. Create 11 questions for those bloggers to answer

Thank-you so much to Polish Junkie from for nominating me!

11 Facts about me:

  1. I am currently studying for my A-levels and I am taking German, Maths, History and Business & Economics.
  2. My first language it Gujarati (I also have a GCSE in it), and my second is English.  I took German for GCSE and now for A-level and I also speak a little bit of Spanish!
  3.  I am left-handed but use my right hand when using scissors.
  4.  My favourite Disney film is The Aristocats (If you haven't seen it you should watch it!)
  5.  I can play the Clarinet and would I would like to learn how to play the Guitar and Piano.
  6.  I love Rollercoasters!
  7.  I am a Hindu.
  8.  I have really frizzy, thick, curly, black hair, which can get really annoying sometimes.
  9.  I love swimming and wish I did it more often.
  10.  I am scared of Spiders.
  11.  I love Dolphins and really want to go swimming with them one day.

Answers to Polish Junkie's questions:

1. What would you rather have, Matte or Shiny nails?
Definitely Shiny nails, because I think they really finish an outfit, but I am slowly warming to matte nails.

2. Glitters or Cremes?
Cremes, because they are easier to take off and also because the choice is endless!

3. What is your favourite brand of polish?
I thinks it's either Models Own or Max Factor - they have such cute bottles and a wide range of colours.

4. If you could wear ONE polish for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Creme Polish - Max Factor Mini Cool Jade, 
Metallic - Models Own Purple Pearl

5. What's the brand of Polish you own the most of?
Definitely No7.

 6. Do you like doing your own nails or others better?
I think I prefer doing my own, but I haven't had much experience do other peoples nails yet.

7. How often do you paint your nails?
I'd say once or twice a week.

8. Have you seen my blog before I nominated you to this? If so what is your opinion on it?
I really like your blog! Your designs are original and I love the combinations and colours you use!

9. What is the polish you really want but don't have?
I'd have to say the rest of the Own Fruit pastel collection because I only have Grape Juice and Blueberry Muffin. I would also like their Mirrorball Collection.

10. What is your favourite blog?
I have more than one:

11. Do you have instagram?
I don't sorry, I am I thinking about getting it though...

My Nominees:

My Questions:

1. What is your favourite brand of nail polish, and why?
2. Do you prefer creme or metallic nail polish?
3. What is your favourite nail art tool?
4. How often do you paint your nails?
5. What is your best nail related advice?
6. What is the one thing you cannot live without?
7. If you could wear one nail polish forever, what would it be?
8. How long have you been blogging?
9.What made you want to start blogging?
10. What do you honestly think of my blog?
11. What it your favourite animal and why?


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