Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Purple Polish Collection!

Hi everyone, 
So today is the last day of the colour of the month posts, so I thought I do a quick round up of everything purple in my collection!

Here is a quick round up of the posts:

Fishtail Nails
Laser Tape Manicure
So because today is the last day, I have decided to show you all of the purple nail polishes I own! I have to say I have a lot more purples than I thought I did, so this has been quite a surprise for me too!

So in total I have 16 purple nail polishes! It may not seem like a lot, but it is to me!

Models Own Purple Pearl, Models Own Grape Juice, Models Own Magenta Pearl

No7 Vivid Violet, No7 Damson Dream, No7 Foxglove, No7 Vivid Violet (mini), No7 Blackberry (part of a set) and No7 Damson Dream (mini) 

Max Factor Diva Violet , Max Factor Fantasy Fire

MUA Constellation Leo and a random colour from a Debenhams Red Herring set

L'oreal Jet-Set 155

17 Parma Violet (from a set) and 17 Wicked (from a set)

Which Colour of the Month post was your favourite?


  1. I really like the look of Max Factor Diva Violet as I need a purple creme, and I already love Fantasy Fire (I may have more than 1 pot of this stuff haha...)
    But the Model's Own purple polishes look awesome too! I might buy their scented collection one day :)
    I really liked the laser tape mani, I might do one myself one day, it's given me so many ideas!
    What colour are you doing next month? :)

    1. You should definitely get Diva Violet - it's one of my favourites! I love fantasy fire too - it's so pretty! :)
      The scented polishes are so nice, I'm thinking of buying some more of them myself haha :)
      I can't wait to see the post if you do a laser mani!
      I don't think I am going to do a colour next month due to all of my exams, but I am still going to try and post some nail art!

    2. Ahh OK, are you doing A levels too? Good luck! :)

    3. Yeah, I am these are just my AS exams though :) Thank you! Good luck for yours too! :)


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