Thursday, 18 April 2013

No7 Foxglove Swatch

*This nail polish was purchased by me

Hi everyone,
Today's purple nail polish review is No7 Foxglove. I bought this nail polish with one of the Boots "£5 off No7" vouchers. This colour is not your typical purple, but I have to say it is such a good colour!

This nail polish is available at Boots. The nail polish bottle is very simple itself, and has a kind of hourglass shape. No7 probably have the best polish brushes I have seen, they are rounded at the end - which makes it a lot easier to apply the polish near the cuticle, without flooding the nail. 

This polish is definitely a summer colour and definitely brightens up an outfit! For this swatch I used 2 coats of No7 Foxglove. Even without a top coat this polish gives a glossy, even finish.

No7 is brand my mum discovered from the vouchers at Boots, and ever since, whenever the vouchers are out we always buy a nail polish - we have so many No7 polishes between us now! These nail polishes are £6 each, but with a voucher they are considerably cheaper (£2 or £3 each I think!).

Here is a close up of the nail polish:

Have you ever tried No7 nail polishes before?


  1. I love that colour!
    As soon as I get a voucher, I will buy it!
    I used to have No.7's 'Fickle Heart', but they don't sell it anymore, but it was a perfect nude - it had a slight green and pink shimmer in certain lights. I wish they still did it - I love No.7's quality!

    1. Thank you! Haha you should definitely buy it with your voucher. I don't think I ever came across "fickle heart" but it sounds really nice. They discontinued one of my favourites too - "Sing the Blues" it was a metallic dark blue . Yes, I agree they have really good quality polish! :)


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